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WikiLeaks Publishes Data about U.S. Missiles

Friday, 08 September 2017 17:20

CIA’s data on missiles leaked to Internet. CIA’s classified documents were made publicly available.

WikiLeaks published CIA’s classified documents about the missile launch control systems from fighter aircraft, Correspondent.net reports quoting RIA News.

It refers to Protego, the program, responsible for controlling fighters’ on-board computers in terms of the launch of missiles off the board. The system components track the state of the missile, launch tube and ejector racks. The launch will require the details about the position of a fighter plane in targeted district, access to GPS and time, set aside for completing the mission.

This information is contained in the package of documents, named Vault 7, which was launched by the portal on March 7. It includes more than 8.7 ths files. This information will become the largest leakage of CIA’s data.

Previously, WikiLeaks published the documents from CIA’s project ExpressLane, where there is information about the operation of intelligence agency in regard to other U.S. special agencies, including the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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